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B&O RV11 Calibration

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#1  27/01-15 13:31
Nigel G8AYM
Indlæg: 2
Does anyone have instructions for calibrating a RV11/11C please?

I have the Manual but there appears not to be any calibration info, only user info. The trimmers on the three boards have only schematic number markings, not their function.

Also an English version of the manual would be great but I guess it does not exist. I'm afraid my Danish language is more or less non-existent except for some clear similarities with various other European languages :-).

Also does anybody know the isolation voltage rating for the input terminals versus the powerline (maybe it is written in the spec.....)?




#2  28/01-15 08:47
Rasmus Pedersen OZ1BTP
Indlæg: 35
Svar til #1:
Try homepadge : ther is al lot B&O Manuals
73 OZ1BTP Ras

#3  29/01-15 01:39
Charles Nielsen
Indlæg: 31
Svar til #1:
Jeg har 3 stk Service Manualer med Diagram.

Hvis du er interesseret. Beder jeg om din Email adr så jeg kan sende dem til dig.

RV11 er et multimeter, da indgangsimpedansen er konstant i alle spændingsområder.

I have 3 Service Manuals with chart.If you are interested. I would ask for your email address so I can send them to you.RV11 is a multi-meter, as indgangsimpedansen is constant in all voltage ranges.

Venlig hilsen Charles Nielsen.
B&O Multimeter RV 11 Service Manual, DK 1.pdf
2 and 3.

Similar and with different quality.

#4  03/02-15 13:36
Nigel G8AYM
Indlæg: 2
Svar til #3:
Excellent Charles; email address is (note it's o as in orange, not o as in the number :-)

#5  03/02-15 13:55
Peter Andersen (
Indlæg: 330
Svar til #3:

Hej CHarles

Du må meget gerne sende dem til mig også - har du mere er jeg også meget interesseret.

vh. Peter

#6  03/02-15 13:59
Børge Larsen
Indlæg: 199
Svar til #3:
Også jeg er interesseret. Jeg har en RV11 stående urepareret.


Redigeret 03/02-15 14:00
#7  03/02-15 14:16
Kim Liljekrans, OZ5IQ
Indlæg: 670
Svar til #1:
HI Nigel, G8AYM
ok WITH THE MANUAL. i WILL OFFER YOU my translation into UK for free. If you can write the text as written here or better to use my E-mail address, . I surgest, you mail me f.x. a page in dk, and I will translate it .And do you use a text pgm ,, I think we use Word ( old pgm here )nd lets see whats you do think abt. it.

Kind regards,

VY 73 de OZ5IQ, Kim mail : Kim@OZ5IQ.DK

Redigeret 03/02-15 14:19
#8  04/02-15 08:16
OZ5ES, Ebbe
Indlæg: 1015
Svar til #3:
Hej Charles.

Jeg ville osse være meget glad for at se dem.

Mvh Ebbe. Email:

Mvh Ebbe.

#9  04/02-15 13:26
Peter Andersen (
Indlæg: 330
Jeg har fået PDF'erne af Charles, men de er nøjagtigt det samme som jeg har liggende her:

Og der er heller ikke nogen justeringsvejledning.


#10  20/03-15 20:19
Kim Liljekrans, OZ5IQ
Indlæg: 670
Svar til #1:
HI Nigel, G8AYM
Does the stuff at all need a calibration ? I know the eqpt. vell, and its quite well with regard to calib, even after mni years of use.
and according to the isolation voltage, we use 230 VAC in DK , NO problems whatever U use 240 V.
Kind regards de OZ5IQ, Kim

Redigeret 20/03-15 20:24
#11  20/03-15 22:19
Indlæg: 522
Svar til #1:
Svar til #1:
Hi Nigel

I have looked on the schematics and tried to analyze how it works.
P1 : sets the gain in the chopper (pre)amplifier - FSD (full scale deviation)
P2: Is for adjusting the 1mA current-source for Ohm-measurements
P3: Offset in the chopper-amplifier
P4: (electric) zero for the 1 mA-instrument
P10-11-12-13 : Adjustments for the +/- leds
First I would check the correct readings with DC and AC - sources - example: 0.1 - 1 - 10 - 100 V.
And Ohm with a handfull of 1 % resistors.

IF (!!!) the instrument is out of specs : First I would adjust the needle-zero with power off ( a small screwdriver in the hole just under the meter).
Then I would short the input terminals and adjust P4 so the meter deflection still is zero.
Next: I would connect a Voltage reference (t.ex. a DC-PSU 10.0 V) and adjust P2 for correct meter-deflection.
Eventually connect a mA-meter and check that the current is 1.00 mA

If the +/- led - function is out of specs I would make adjustments on P10-11-12-13 - this looks a bit complicated and if it works : DON'T touch it ;-)

C4-C15-C16 - to adjust them one needs a function generator and a oscilloscope - and knowing how to use them...

In my experience B&O-instruments are very stable - when something is wrong, it is mostly worn out electromechical stuff (switches - connectors etc)
I would guess that the isolation-voltage powerlineinput is more than 500 V (RMS - 50 Hz).
Hope this will be usefull for you


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